Although a walk in tub is primarily thought of as a solution to help senior citizens live independently in their home, there’s no reason for it to not also be a relaxing retreat where an aging at home person can go to forget about their pains and aches for a few minutes.

If you need a walk in tub or hydrotherapy shower installed, it’s always recommended that you contact a professional installation team. The people at Expert Home Safety, for example, will send a licensed occupational therapist to your house to discuss your personal needs with you and then engage a team of highly qualified and skilled installers to put your tub or shower in. It’s important that you not try to do this by yourself as you will need to make sure you address all the concerns of your aging loved one.

However, once the tub or shower is installed, there are some easy do it yourself (DIY) modifications you can do to bring the music into the tub and make your loved ones bathing experience a more pleasing and relaxing time. Here are a couple of our top recommendations.

Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers

When it comes to waterproof speakers, we really like the AOMAIS Sport II. This little waterproof powerhouse also comes with two features we absolutely love. First, it can be paired with a second unit that will allow you to have true Bluetooth stereo sound. Second, it is fully battery driven so your loved ones can take it into any part of the house with them when they’re done in the bath.


Showerhead Speaker

If you get a hydrotherapy shower instead, you will love the addition of the Kohler Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker. This water resistant, wireless, showerhead speaker can be popped out for easy recharging and can also be taken around the house with you. This provides for an unobtrusive way to listen to some relaxing music while you are enjoying your rejuvenating shower.


Having a walk in bathtub can be a great way for a senior citizen or aging adult to live indepdently at home. By adding a couple of simple modifications, the addition of a musical element can really help you rejuvenate your mind as well as your body.