Music is proven to have a lot of benefits for development of a child’s brain. It increases imagination and improves intellectual, social and emotional skills. Children are imaginative and curious by nature, so they tend to develop love for music very early and easily. If you notice your child is starting to develop interest in music, it is a good idea to guide him or her down this road. And if you decide to do it, take some effort to do it right.

Where to begin?

 Children look up to their parents and they even tend to imitate them. If you have kids, you have probably noticed this. Use this advantage you have and set a good example for your children. Make them feel how much you love music and how important it is. If you play an instrument, play it in front of them, and let them “play” as well. Sing and dance with your child. Make music fun and let them experiment and get included in music related activities.

Music related activities

It is never too early to expose your children to music and get them involved in activities related to music. Play classical music CDs before they go to bed or while they play. Watch music videos together, play and sing children songs to them, and let them absorb the music. This way they will learn that music is a part of different activities, but that it can also be listened for its own sake.

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Talk to your children

If your child shows interest in playing an instrument, or you simply notice that they have music talent, you may want to guide them towards learning to play an instrument. Make sure not to impose your attitudes and wishes on them. Talk to them, let them experiment, and ask them what they would like to play.

Help them choose an instrument

Music InstrumentIf your child decides he or she wants to take music lessons, help them choose the instrument if they still have not made the decision. Make sure to teach them that learning how to play is a demanding and long process. Do not let them get discouraged and give up on the first obstacle. This way they are not only likely to master the instrument, but they will learn to overcome the difficulties, believe in themselves and gain self-confidence.