Decorating, designing or remodeling your home is a perfect way to express your taste, preferences, and interests. There’s an interesting article we’ve found about bathroom remodeling in Baltimore here at On Point Remodeling , it talks about making your bathroom fabulous. Home decoration can be quite an effective way to make your home truly yours by reflecting your personality onto the place where you spend a private share of the day. The more creative you are, the more unique and intimate design it will be. On the other hand, once you weave your inspiration into the space surrounding you, the inspiration will come as a feedback every time you walk into your house.

remodel your bathroom

Focusing on musicians and all the music lovers out there, we have created a collection of outstanding music – related design models for home decoration. Whether you prefer classic music and contemplating atmosphere, jazz, and misty décor or wild, powerful atmosphere of rock shows, you will find inspiration for your home remodeling here. This article focuses on bathroom remodeling.

Design centered around the music

Remodel your bathroomIf you want to bring the music into your bathroom, there are three different approaches. The first one is based on various bathroom features designed and shaped in the form of music instruments, notes, note lines or anything similar. These elements will draw the attention and keep the music in the center of the overall design. Some of the most popular ideas we suggest include wallcoverings with various music themes, elegant and effective models of towel holders shaped as note lines with notes, shower curtains with music themes, portraits of your favorite musicians to accent some corner, toilet seats or faucets shaped as instruments and many similar ideas. Even bathtubs can be shaped as instruments and tiles imitating headphones covering one wall will bring the studio atmosphere into your bathroom.

Music present in the details

If you prefer a bit more subtle or minimalistic approach, spice the bathroom design up with music – themed details. The major features may be classic or contemporary or any style you like, but use a large assortment of bath sets to “scatter” the music around the place. A toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, and mirror with music – themed design are quite a common idea. Bathmat designed as keyboard or lights shaped as notes, towels with prints of your favorite music albums or few rhymes written on the wall. All of these ideas can accent the overall décor, center it around music themes and make it more personalized.

Bring the real music into your bathroom

Décor centered around musical details and themes is great, but it becomes truly vivid and magical with the real music in the air. Bath time is always more relaxing and enjoyable if you have speakers nearby and your favorite songs to fulfill the atmosphere. This part of remodeling might be risky if you are not experienced enough, so we suggest you pick any of our waterproof sets for speakers. Some models will fit onto the wall of the bathroom, some are installed as a shelf, others can be directly integrated into the wall or adjusted to the bathroom features. Free from worrying about getting your audio elements wet, you can jump into the luxury mood and enjoy bathing surrounded by music.