So, you have decided to become a guitar player. Playing an instrument is something that can enrich you life and help you express yourself, so you have definitely made a good decision. But, when it comes to deciding which guitar to buy, it may not be as easy as it seems. There are thousands of manufacturers, models and types of guitars available. In this article, we will help you narrow down the choice and choose the first guitar which will be ideal for you.

Things to consider


GuitarBefore you head to the music store or order a guitar online, consider your learning goals and the skills you may or may not already have. Naturally, the budget also affects the final choice, so make sure to count it in as well. Think about the sound and genres you want to play – this will help you decide between acoustic and electric guitar. And last, but not least, think whether it is important to you that the guitar is new, or you believe the used one will do.

Learning goals

First of all, you need to determine the style you want to develop and the genres you would like to play. It is not the same if you want to play a few chords for people at parties to sing along, or to play flamenco. This will determine the type of the guitar you should buy as well as the accessories you will need along with it.


Naturally, you cannot omit thinking about the budget when buying a guitar. Determine the amount of money you are willing to spend on an instrument, and browse the guitars within the defined price range. This will help you narrow down the choice further and help you decide.

Electric or acoustic

GuitarOf course, this is something you absolutely need to think about. Whether you will buy an acoustic or electric guitar depends on a few factors: the genres you want to play, your learning goals, current skills and the budget. Take all this into consideration and make a choice based on these criteria.

New or used

Lastly, you can choose between second hand and brand new guitars. There is no rule here, because what works for one musician does not work for the other. Decide what your preferences are, and look for the guitar that is either new or used, but that will fulfill your expectations and help you reach your goal.